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We the ACCESS TO HUMAN RIGHT AND JUSTICE INITIATIVE ,is known in Nigeria  as a non -governmental ,non profit international Development initiative established in 2000 and Registered in 26th feb 2015,by professionals from different cultural and social background to enhance knowledge, respects and observance of human right, and to encourage exchange of information and education, enlightenment and humanitarianism   ,justice group membership is drawn from a rich blend of activists and other professionals, working together on a shared commitment to justice, the rule of law and human dignity.
Our work takes its inspiration from the dis-empowering effect of widespread ignorance found amongst broad sector of civil society that continues to prevent communities from acquiring a voice of their own, initiating and owning their own struggles, becoming effective political groups,responsible electoral agents and social actors.An empowered community,Justice Groups believes can more effectively bring about desirable social results and distribute social benefits through participatory and accountable process.
We further seek to equip the civil society with the tools and information necessary to resolve Human Right issues in their own communities and with information needed to link their issues to broad struggle .Our standing provide interrelated  windows of engagement.These are
Advocacy and Empowerment Project(AEP)
Training / Capacity Building Project(TCBP)
Access to Justice / Legal aid Clinic(AJ/LAC)
Medical /Dental Health Awareness Project(M/DHP)
Agricultural Empowerment Initiative (AEI)

We work with communities ,schools and civil society groups that cut across gender,literacy ,age and social lines and use focused group projects pilots to measure the impacts our interventions are making in target communities.
To accomplish this ,we utilize a combination of theory and practice ,with skill building workshops and seminars through a participatory approach.

Justice Group believes in power of actions  .


Justice Group networks with bodies like the Kabissa U.S.A, NGO Coalition on International Criminal Court (CICC) the Hague, Women's World Summit Foundation (WWSF) Switzerland, Clean-up the World Australia, People's Decade for Human Rights Education (PDHRE), New York, GreenNet- West Africa, West African NGO Network (WANGONET), Citizens Forum for Constitutional Reform (CFCR) and other international non-governmental organisations that have similar vision, focus and ideas.

Due to our limited resources, we focus on a limited number of problem areas and program strategies within our broad goals. We therefore seek to network /collaborate with necessary bodies and organization in order to secure a quality life of human dignity.
NB: Please take note that we are ready to work with your organization at any point in time.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Meet the team

Ready for any challenges. Making human right a reality

Comrade kingsley Oiboh
Comrade Kingsley Oiboh ESQ happens to be the president of Access To Human Right and Justice with a whole responsibility of moving the organisation to the next levels.
Charles Ugbaja
Mobilising Officer
Engineer Charles Ugbaja is a member of the human right and justice initiatives with the strong mind of bringing human right into existence.
Dennis Nwanze
Head Security
Chief Dennis Nwanze happen to be the head of security with a core responsibility of safe guarding and securing all that goes on in the organisation.
Barrister Emeka Obasi
Legal Adviser
Barrister Emeka obasi  is the Legal adviser of the organisation and he is alway avialable to  answer legal questions from people at many levels within the organization.
Charles Eneje
Assistant Secretary
Barrister Charles Eneje happen to be the assistant secretary of the organisation and he is responsible for the day to day running of the activities organisation.

Others Members
Elder Tunde Adagunduro         Vice President
Barrister Emeka Obasi             Legal Adviser
Mrs. Janet Oiboh                      Secretary
Ehis Oiboh                                  Treasurer
Kasi Madaki                               Accountant
Barrister Charles Eneje            Asst. Secretary
Chief Dennis Nwanze                Head Security
Mrs Flourence Adepotu         Head Medical

Frank Irhabor                           External Affairs Officer